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From draft services to indoor cultivation, Leonard’s Syrups is the premier cola syrup, beverage distributor, and compressed gas service provider in Detroit. CO2 gas? Nitrogen generator? We carry it all. Whether you need custom installations or ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs, you can count on us. We also have ice machine rental and cleaning services in Detroit and beyond. Contact us today to get started on a custom project, have us take care of your current setup, or get premium beverage syrup delivery to your Detroit food service establishment.

Draft Services

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the draft beer equipment at your establishment prolongs the lifespan of your beer system and protects beer sales. Unlike bottled beer, keg beer is not pasteurized, and yeast and unfiltered sediment can adhere to the inner wall of the tubing, leading to foul odors and off-tastes. This also results in floaties, or chunks of slime that have come free from the tubing and made their way into your customer’s glass. Leonard’s Syrups is the premier draft beer services company in Detroit. CO2 gas delivery is our other specialty. So call your one-stop-shop today for your draft beer equipment installation, cleaning, maintenance, and beergas delivery to keep your beer tasting great and your customers coming back.
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Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Leonard’s Syrups is your comprehensive source for Detroit’s best beverage syrups and compressed gas needs. This includes the rental, repair, maintenance, and installation of your equipment such as ice machines, draft systems, compressed gas tanks, and more. We can build out custom systems according to your needs and preferences, and we’ll keep coming back for ongoing maintenance and repairs. Emergency repair services and CO2 gas delivery are available, even on the weekends. We understand that sometimes equipment fails when you least expect it and we provide fast, expert service to get you back up and running. Contact us today for system installation, repairs, and regular maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.
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Ice Services

Clean, refreshing ice from Michigan’s only full-service beverage team. Ice is the forgotten food and proper installation, repair, and maintenance of your ice systems ensures that your customers are getting the best-tasting, cleanest ice available. Improper or infrequent cleaning of your ice machine can cause scale build-up, mold and other microbial growth, and floaters in the ice. Avoid a health department violation with our cleaning and preventative maintenance services. In addition to our standard ice machine cleaning and maintenance, Leonard’s now offers a subscription ice program for ice machine rental in Detroit! Our hassle-free program allows you to walk away from all operational responsibilities for your ice maker with no labor charges, no cost for parts and repairs, free cleaning, and more. Contact the Leonard’s team today to get the best ice Michigan offers.
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Draft System Maintenance

A clean draft system is key to keeping customers happy and coming back again and again. Our draft system maintenance packages provide our clients with cost-effective professional draft line and coil maintenance. The Line Cleaning PLUS package includes industry-leading line and coil cleaning services every 2 to 4 weeks. Additionally, you can take your maintenance to the next level with Leonard’s DraftKlean™ Program, an environmentally friendly, enhanced system maintenance program that includes an advanced line cleaning package, system cleanliness testing, and system health reports. State-of-the-art technology, incomparable service, and draft system expertise ensure quality taste, appearance, and health of your beer and keep your draft system running smoothly. Help the quality of your beer stand out from the crowd with Leonard’s draft maintenance services.
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Line Cleaning PLUS 

Draught Coil Maintenance 
The Line Cleaning PLUS program includes regularly scheduled industry-leading draft line/coil cleaning services and support. 
Every 2 to 4 Weeks* 
Nu-Line Solution Flush 
Sponge All Lines 
Detail Faucets and Sankeys 
*100% loss of beer in lines with every system purge. 

Leonard's DraftKlean™ Program

Advanced Draft System Maintenance
Leonard’s will invest in state-of-the-art technology on your behalf to improve the overall taste, color, appearance, and health of your beer. 
Advanced Line Cleaning Package  (line cleaning every 10 to 12 weeks) 
Minimizes system purges
Line life extended with use of non-contact cleaning process.
DraftKlean™ Program includes testing of beer quality.

Regular Maintenance Improves Customer Satisfaction

Reducing Line Flushes Increase Profits

**Based on an average of $.07 per ounce and 3/8” ID Beer Line. 

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